Placing a bet on your favourite horse is part of the thrill and excitement of any horse racing event. It also gives you bragging rights, especially when you win. But just how is a bet placed? Here, we will give you a short tutorial on how you can place your bet.

How to Place Bets

Placing a bet for the first time is always intimidating. Firstly, you should do your research. If placing a bet on the Euros, you’d look for all the information on tables, fixtures, dates etc. You can see full tables here. In horse racing, you should select your horse from a list of other horses and note down the horse number as well as the rider’s name. After that, it’s time you decide on the amount you will place as your stake. Thereafter, you will now decide on what type of bet to place as well as the operator that you will be betting with. After you are done, go to your preferred operator and tell them your horse number, the amount you want to bet and lastly, your bet type.

Please note that there are operators and bookmakers who have a minimum stake amount. Also, remember that your bet slip is your money so, keep it until when the race ends and winners announced.

You’ve Won; What Next?

Once the race ends, the winning horses, in whichever category, will go to the enclosure to be weighed. In the weighing room, the jockeys will dismount and then their kits and saddled will be weighed again. Once the race day officials are satisfied with the weights, the winners are formally announced. If you are a winner, just take your bet slip to your bookmaker and you will get your winnings. In case you placed your bet online, your account will be credited automatically.

Remember that in some cases, there may be some irregularities. In such cases, a Steward Enquiry will be formed to look into the matter. The results may be upheld or changed depending on the findings of the enquiry.