Some countries have very interesting racing events such as the greyhounds and thoroughbred races. Greyhounds weighing around 30.5kg, and capable of racing a distance of about 60 km in an hour are to race after a lure placed on a rail. It is a race of 8 dogs maximum.

There are also thoroughbred races, and these are common in most countries. This is a type of horse race where male and female horses compete against each other. The thoroughbred race is usually a race of about 800 meters or more, and jockeys ride the horses during the race.

The harness race is another kind of horse race, but it makes use of drivers. The drivers sit in a lightweight cart and control the horses. Such horses are called standard-bred and are an intelligent breed, making it easy for them to be trained. They are muscular and heavier than thoroughbreds.

Betting on greyhounds and horse races gives as much excitement as does car and bike races. Just like other bets, you must first check the horses’ stats before placing your bet. A £1 wager can land you thousands of pounds on your lucky day. Bookmakers’ offers and Tote are the two options for horse and greyhound racing, however, betting types differ in every country. If you are new to betting you should start with straight bets, they are the simplest ones. Straight bets mean you are placing a bet on a horse that you think must win, not the one that will finish second place. Finishing second place is a loss for you. Across the board, money, show, and place are some of the terms associated with straight betting. If you are a more experienced bettor, the exotic wagers may be more exciting, though more complicated and harder to win, but it pays better than straight bets.