Understanding Horse Racing Jargon

If you are joining horse racing, a few jargon could put you down. There are several commonly used terms that only exist in horse racing. In this segment, we will try to explain the meaning of some common jargon. So, without further ado, here they are.

  • (i) Price – This refers to the odds that a betting operator has offered on a particular race. These odds are multiplied by your stake in case you win.
  • (ii) SP – The abbreviation for Starting Price, SP is the odds a particular horse starts the race with. This bet can be made with a bookmaker only and not the Tote.
  • (iii) Fixed Odds – This bet refers to the actual odds an operator had advertised when you were placing your bet.
  • (iv) Odds On – This is when a particular horse is a strong contender for the first spot. In this bet, you will make less than 1 if your stake is !.
  • (v) Evens – Also known as Even money or EVS, this is where a certain horse is most likely to win a race. Here, you will make 1 pound for every pound you bet.
  • (vi) Long Odds – This is where a particular horse has very slim chances of winning but again, in the event they win, it is very rewarding as you receive several multiples of your initial stake.
  • (vii) Short Odds – This is the direct opposite of long odds. It refers to a horse that has a very high chance of winning the race. However, the returns are very small but again, chances of winning are very likely.
  • (viii) Late Money – This is a case where a particular horse receives a great backing of winning the race in the final moments before the race starts.

Even though these are the major terms, there is much other jargon that you will understand as time goes by.